News at The College of Central London

NEWSFLASH - UK Government overspend on HND'S and HNC's and no more funding available from student finance for 2013/14.  If your loan has been halted you have no choice but to consider alternatives. Consider our fast track HND as advertised on hotcourses and this website. Visas - need a visa to study? Study in six month batches on a student visitor visa. Some of of courses are six months and others can be broken down into six month blocks.

College News  take advantage of Career Development Loans to help pay for your tuition fees. Visit Directgov

Distance Learning international students can take advantage of learning without the hassle and bother of applying for a visa.

International Trade a NEW approach to teaching this subject.

Maritme Management - we are currently running the Maritime Management programme on a bespoke level for one student who is unable to attend more than once during the day. There is no reason why we could not offer such a programme to anyone interterested in Maritime Management. Our Shipping tutor is quite happy to add bespoke programmes to his busy schedule and to offer special catch up classes in areas of Maritime Management.

Business News   - BTEC HND Level 5 in Business now available in all its specilist title options - Accounting, Law, Marketing and Management. We are now teaching per semester to enable students to apply on semester duration courses. Each semester is 15 weeks in duration. With a little planning international students will be able to apply for 6 month student visitor visas and finish the course over three visits.

The Wolf report is emphatic that schools are in the best position to decide on the best approach for their students. There is no imperative to make hasty decisions that may disadvantage your current students.

Computing News  learn .Net and C# this term. You can learn on Thursday evenings 6.00pm - 8.00pm and there is still time to go out and enjoy yourself.
Any unit you want from the selection available on the BTEC HND in Computing specification.
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