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The College of Central London approves courses, sets examinations and issues Diplomas to certain selected colleges overseas. This is done for English in Greece and computer programming and systems analysts & Design Courses in Pakistan.

New routes of study of currently being arranged to run computer courses in India and China and international trade courses in Brazil. Specialist short courses on specific subjects for groups of students are periodically arranged. We have organised banking practice courses for a group of bankers from Russia. We have also organised business English courses for a group of German business people.

On frequent occasions the College of Central London has, in association with its sister College, the School of Computer Technology and Automated Data Systems International, organised British Council sponsored courses in systems analysis & Design advanced systems and SSADM.

The School of Computer Technology
The School of Computer Technology offers full and part time courses in computing, programming, relational database development and Microsoft applications.

Our students are from both the United Kingdom and overseas-from every corner of the world. Overseas students make up the majority of the student fraternity, adding a rich and diverse student community, representing some 65 different countries.

International Shipping Summer School
The Summer School offers an intensive programme of study for those interested in international shipping.
The course lasts three weeks from 25th June 2007 until 13 July 2007 until  and covers many topics:



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