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To order the book (English Basics 1 - practice and revision), on-line or for further information, contact one of the following:


If you want more, then this test was taken from English Basics 1(practice and revision), published by Cambridge University Press and written by Mark Cholij (Former Head of English at the College of Central London). English Basics is a series of three books covering the 'mechanics' of the English language (spelling, punctuation and grammar) at three graded levels. Each book offers a systematic work and study programme for use in the classroom or at home, with a full glossary and answer key. The series has been designed for both non-native speakers of English (EFL/ESOL) and native speakers (Secondary school). English Basics 1 is suitable for Upper Intermediate and First Certificate students. It is also suitable for more advanced students who need to revise the general principles of the English language.


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