News at The College of Central London

We recently moved to our new location in Baches Street. Students seem to like the clean and bright classrooms. It helps those who want to study. Those who don't, will have to look elsewhere. We can now focus on student centred learning and help those who really want to learn and not waste our time with those who don't. Facilities are modest but will improve with time. Lecturers are still excellent and they enjoy teaching to a receptive audience.
There are still places for international students but not those who require a CAS. Sadly UKBA have decided to make us a legacy tier 4 sponsor so after 43 years of recruiting international students.

International Students. Don't despair. Distance Learning is available at a fraction of the cost of studying in London. You will get the same level of support via skype, email and online learning tools to achieve the same recognised qualifications as if you were here in class.

Why BTEC Courses? Parents play a major role in guiding young students’ choices when they leave school. A survey conducted by Edge, the educational foundation promoting practical and vocational learning, showed that a significant number of parents urge their child to do A levels and go to university. GCSEs and A levels need not be the only education route that leads to university or a successful career. A BTEC course offers applied learning related to work which may be best for your child’s learning and development. This guide has been produced to provide you with the information you need on BTEC qualifications.