News at The College of Central London

Enrolments for the Autumn Semester starts now!

There are places available on the Edexcel Level 5 BTEC HND in Business. We are offering 6 units from September 2012 semester and 6 units again from February - June 2013. With an addition 4 units to complete from June to August 2013, students are able to complete all 16 units for the Diploma in one calender year. This saves time and money. It is not an easy route and students who struggle with assignments will need more time. The course is traditionally spread over two academic years, so there is a lot to compress into one year. But those who are focused and willing to give it a go are welcome to try. Enrol straight away because the deadline is 23rd September 2012 when this window of opportunity closes.

Edexcel Level 5 BTEC HND in Computing - places are proving hard to fill so the course will be run in distance learning mode with minimal classroon contact time. Those interested will be offered the full course programme of 16 units with delivery and assessment done via skype and email support.

International Trade - BTEC Professional Diploma in International Trade. A unique course but in danger of not running in September because of lack of student numbers. Need six students to run it. Presently only three are enrolled. May need to postponse the start date to  29th October 2012.

Maritime Management - BTEC Professional Diploma in Maritme Management. Places still available. This course is scheduled to start on 24th September 2012.