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Pearson Tests of English (PTE)

The Pearson tests are examinations to assess English language usage; they provide accreditation for adults of all ages of English speakers of other languages (ESOL).
The London tests of English assess how well candidates can use the language they know. They do not seek to assess knowledge of specific language points so there are no discrete items. This means students will not be given multiple choice type items testing specific aspects of grammar. Rather, the candidates will be asked to demonstrate how well they can function in English by completing practical and realistic tasks. Task completion and effective communication are given credit.

The use of scenario examination papers
Pearson tests of English revolve around a scenario, which the candidates become involved in. scenarios are typically subjects which come up in most modern course books. So, for example, in scenario based on cycling, candidates are required to listen to information about hiring a bike and to a conversation about cycling in the city and the read texts on the same subject and write on the theme from their own perspective. Themes requiring a more sophisticated knowledge of vocabulary are used at higher levels. Example scenarios are:

• Holidays and travelling to specific places
• Leisure time activities and entertainment
• Technology
• Education and work experience in various contexts
• Global issues, e.g. pollution/conversation

The use of familiar task types
The tests do not require students to follow a specific course. This is because the test tasks are similar to the tasks found in up to date communicative course books. The aim is not to have teachers teaching to a set syllabus designed for the tests. On the contrary, the London Tests seek to assess what teachers are teaching.

What do the Pearson Tests of English (PTE) aim to achieve?
The PTE aim to assess and reward positive and progressive achievement in English language Learning. The tests should motivate students and provide feedback to teachers. Where a student does not achieve the required level, feedback can be given on areas of weakness.

What level do I study?
Each level of the Pearson Tests of English (except A1 Breakthrough Level) is an ongoing, incremental and cumulative body of knowledge, not a discrete category without relation to prior learning. This, as students enter each new level of Pearson Tests of English, presupposes they are familiar with and can successfully engage in the communicative tasks, language skills and structural language content of the levels which precede their current study area.


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